Thursday, August 20, 2015

Man's Best Friend: Loyal Companion and Courageous Protector

I've always admired how a pack of dogs can communicate with each other. A few years back, I mentioned that we had a barker, a whiner, and a protector. The barker was to informer the the pack that an "intruder" was coming. The reporter will whine to alarm the household peepz that the "intruder" is close by. And the protector will growl at the "intruder" to warn them that this is their territory. That kind of mentality just shows how a group of dogs can work together to protect us.

Today's amazing dog infographic is brought to us by ADT Home Security.

Residents all across the country have their own version of what home protection means to them. Perhaps one of the most agreed upon is what “man’s best friend” can do not only for the security of one’s home, but for the overall joy of living.

Dogs are without a doubt one of the most popular pets in American homes, with 83.3 million canines believed to be owned within the US. This is second only to cats, where about 95.6 million are estimated to be owned. Even if dogs aren’t on top, 47% of households are believed to own at least one dog.

Other than providing a never-ending source of companionship and joy for families, dog are capable of more than one might think. If you ever wonder why dogs sniff so much, it’s because they have 22x the amount of scent cells (220 million scent-sensitive cells) as humans, allowing them to pick up on more than any human ever could.

On top of that, dogs are also able to understand up to 250 words and gestures, which is why they are relatively easy to train. They can even count up to five!

It is well understand that certain dog breeds are meant for protection more than others. The top three protective breeds are bullmastiffs, boxers, and German shepherds, respectively.

Burglars who have confessed their crimes often say that while a home security system is the main deterrent from them to enter a home, a loud dog is also known to dissuade burglars as well.


  1. Those are some great dog facts. We really enjoyed the infographic, and learned some new stuff! Our favorite was that an average dog is as smart as a two year-old human.

    We hope you're all doing well.


  2. We're trying to train HER to understand DOG! SHE's slowly getting there, understanding our different barks. Most of our relatives in the US are cat people....(yuck)

  3. Lots of interesting doggy facts and information - we like to think we are the best home protectors but we think the joy of companionship is what our peeps love us for :-) - thanks for sharing - woofs and licks from Magic xx


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