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What Cat Parents Can Learn From Dog Parents

Im the textbook cat lady everyone talks about. I interact with cats more than I do with people! So why am I here on a blog dedicated to dogs?

To humbly submit that cat owners can learn a LOT of things from dog owners.

In the world of four-legged companions, it seems that youre either a dog person or a cat person. Sure, there are those who love both, but there does seem to be a divide between the two pet worlds. In fact, many studies have shown that dog and cat owners tend to have different personality types. Dog people tend to be more outgoing, and cat people fit the cat lady bill by being introverted.

Of course, everyone is different (and I have had both dogs and cats throughout my life, so what kind of person does that make me?), but the general statistics make sense.

The consensus seems to be that Fido is outgoing and needs lots of attention and love from his owners, while Fluffy does her own thing while giving her owners a judgmental stare. An outgoing person would love to own a pet they can bring outdoors and interact with other pet owners, while an introvert wants a low-maintenance pet they can interact with whenever they feel like it.

No, I don't want to play with that dangly thing, your camera is much more interesting

However, if you think cats dont need any social attention, youre wrong! Cats still need plenty of attention, and can get separation anxiety just like their canine opposites. Think of it this way: antisocial people dont like attention as much, but they still do need some social interaction occasionally. Cats are the same way!

With that in mind, many things dog owners do should be done by cat owners as well, such as:


Cats are never going to catch a Frisbee if you throw it, but they still need playtime.  Just like you, a cat needs some entertainment to relieve stress and cure boredom. Cat toys are the perfect solution for many cat owners. Catnip, scratching poles, a fake mouse, and other toys tend to keep kitty busy for hours.

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But sometimes, a cat needs you to play with it. Cats are born predators, and they usually want something to chase and catch, which most toys cant provide. Thats where a human comes in! You can attach a toy to a string and wave it in front of your kitty until they catch it. A simple playtime activity like this will keep your cat physically and mentally stimulated.


Dog owners are going, “duh, of course you play with them. What kind of monster are you?” I know! And that’s why I’m here because you guys can back me up in the hopes that my fellow cat parents get something out of this and start loving their kitties better!

Dogs often demand playtime and make sure they get their way, but the personality of many cats leave it up to the cat parent to remember. While forgetting is no excuse, it happens! And if we’re more conscious of their need to play by reading articles like this, then we’ll be more likely to remember.


Just like a dog, a cat needs daily exercise. For some, the idea of a fat, lazy cat is funny, but its no joke when the cat is faced with serious health issues. Cat obesity can cause diabetes, deteriorate cartilage, and shorten its lifespan quite a bit. Sometimes, playtime isnt enough.

Thats where cat owners should look at dog owners. Most dog owners take their pup out for a walk daily in order to give it a good workout. Walking your cat isnt as strange as it sounds, and many cat owners are giving it a shot.


If you do want to go for a “W-A-L-K”, as we used to spell so our dog wouldn’t go mental when she heard the word “walk”, make sure your cat is trained for the outdoors, buy her a collar or a harness designed for a feline, and start small. Take Mittens out for a walk around your yard. If she likes it, work your way up. Go to a park, or take kitty around the city. If she seems anxious and doesnt like the walk, dont force it on her. But you may find that your cat loves being walked, just like a dog.
But not all cats want to go for a walk, and that’s OK - the principle holds true.

Finding indoor games to play to give your cat the run around she needs is super important, and if only we could take the obvious cue from our dog-owning neighbours, we’d all be happier and healthier.


Every dog owner cant keep their hands off their pup, and the dog seems to love it regardless of whats going on.

Cat owners, on the other hand, usually let the cat come up to them, or make it rub its head against their legs. There was one study misinterpreted by the media that said cats hated being pet, and that has caused some cat owners to be hesitant when petting Fluffy.

Dont be. Many cats see petting as a sign of affection, and if theyre purring as youre stroking their fur, then youre doing something right!

With that said, petting your cat is an art. There are some spots your cat loves being pat on, such as the head, and others it hates, such as the tail. Cats are different, so your kitty may have its own preferred spot, but this is the general rule. Pet it and see what it likes.

You can look...Also, if your cat doesnt want to be pet, dont force it. Some cats just dont like that much interaction, or they get in moods, just like you, where they dont want any attention. Study your cats behavior and see when its a good time to pet and when its not.

I can only imagine the happiness and general wellbeing improvement for cats across the nation if their cat parents would just smarten up and take a page out of the dog owner book. And why shouldn’t we be petting our cats? Studies even show that interaction and petting can relieve stress and be good for lower our blood pressure!

As I said before, cats need a lot less attention than dogs do, but like any creature, a kitty will get lonely if its owner ignores it. If youre owning a pet and not giving it any love, why own one at all? I make sure to give my kitties equal attention!

So while some cat owners may not be too fond of dogs, you better believe they can learn learn a few lessons from the pet owners on the opposite side. If youre not giving your cat enough love, make like a dog owner and get playing, exercising, and petting!


  1. That's right Kitty kat owners, listen up
    Lily & Edward

  2. Thanks so much for the opportunity to share a post on your blog!! I've owned cats and dogs and we cat parents sure can learn a lot from the dog parents around here :)

  3. Bravo! It's true, cats DO require lots of interaction, exercise, love and care. :)

  4. Many adorable pictures. We love kitties, too!!

    Momo & Pinot xo

  5. Very thoughtful piece with many good points. I believe all creatures thrive better with interaction and demonstrated love. Bravo! for your position.

  6. The cats are really beautiful. and its an informative blog with amazing points to read and understand. Indeed love is the only thing with which we can easily interact with our pets including the kittens.
    Thanks for sharing :)

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