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Just How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need? (Guest Post)

Dogs are of a rare kind. Are you looking for a great companion who will be loyal and friendly to you to the end? Consider a pet dog. Treat it right for it will entirely rely on you. The type and level of exercises required vary according to age, breed, and condition of your dog. This article will give you a better understanding.

Appropriate Exercising Program

Does playing with your dog pass as an exercise? How often do you play with the dog? For How long do you play with the dog? How much free time do you have every day? You will have to consider all this before you come up with a routine.

So upward, onward I thrust

Taking a walk every day will be enough exercise for a dog; especially if you give it about forty-five minutes in the morning and evening. You can include playing with the dog. Let it chase a ball, send it to fetch a stick. Challenge it into a running competition. When done every day it will serve as substantial exercise.

Another important point to mention is that weather affects dogs just like human beings. Exercising during winter might be a challenge for your pet. However, you can always exercise indoors to avoid torturing your pet.

Appropriate Feeding Program

Dogs require certain feed elements depending on their age and breed. However, natural foods will always work well with any dog. You can blend in supplements such as minerals and calcium for stronger bones. If you are concerned with your dog’s weight, consider leaner meats. The lower the fat content the more your dog will manage its weight. Your dog’s food has to be a balanced meal at all times to reduce the risks of falling ill.

Peanut Butter Chops
For puppies, their body is at a stage of optimum growth. This means that they require more carbohydrates and starch in their puppy food. Remember that what a puppy eats will not be beneficial to a mature dog. 

At a later stage, transitioning into adult food requires patience. You start by mixing a small portion of the adult food into your puppy’s food and watch out for any reactions. Then you continue adding the portion until you can finally let go of the puppy food. This would normally happen for 7-12 days.

The Importance of Exercises To Your Dog

Exercises help in reduction of queer behavioral problems such as barking, excessive licking, digging, being restless, and being hyperactive all the time. It will also assist in keeping your dog healthy. This is because exercises help your dog burn excess fat and consequently keep the dog's weight under control.
Hiding from Daisy 158/365
For better exercise experience, invest in a good leash. Then you need to create a routine that will be favorable for you and your dog. For example, you cannot take a hungry dog out for a walk. You need to feed them first. By the way, if you are trying to lose weight, your dog is an excellent accountability partner.

Problems Associated With Less Or No Exercise

If your dog is inactive, it will tend to dig a lot, scratch the body and destroy properties. In addition, inactive dogs exhibit unruliness, knocking down whatever they encounter on their way, jumping on you and other people. Finally, they have attention seeking behaviors, such as barking, licking, and whining. 

The Bottom Line

Remember that you will also benefit in exercising along with your dog. Monitor your dog closely as you walk especially if you do so in public walkways. If your dog doesn’t look forward to these exercises, you could always come up with better ways of enticing your pet such as feeding it after certain milestones. Create a friendly attitude with it. After all, your dog will always remain a loyal companion.

Author's Bio 

Sarah is the editor of Growing up in a household with three dogs, two cats, and two parakeets, she learned to love and understand animals. Helping others with their animals by sharing her knowledge is something close to her heart, and she can’t think of a better life than having a pet by your side. 


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  2. Lots of great advice! I get my best exercise chasing the pigeons out of our garden - they just keep coming back and I have to keep running after them! Nose licks and love from Moth xx

  3. Thanks for this very informative post. It seems like many pet owners don't know how much exercise their pets need. And we love your point about how exercising your dog means YOU get some exercise, too. :)

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