My partner chose Peanuts when I asked him to select from her brothers. He loved her particularly because of her floppy white ears that were standing out. 

So with no further ado, here's Peanut's brief bio.

Name: Peanuts

Birthday: October 2, 2011

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Breed: Jack Russel Terrier and Mini-Pinscher Mix

Current Occupation: Couch Potato, Organic Alarm Clock with Licker Function, Indoor Pest Eliminator

Favorite Food: Anything fed by Haopee's Mom!

  1. Emoting with Squeaky toy
  2. Talking to Squeaky toy
  3. Running until she gets tired
  4. Dropping a ball from the couch and going after it and doing this repetitively
  5. Playing with Coal and Ginger excessively
  6. Sleeping
  7. Staring at Haopee's Mom during mealtime
 Read more about Peanuts here.


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