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  1. Thanks for the blog about PJ's parvo recovery. I am inspired. Have been through the same ordeal myself. My 6 month old shih tzu got hit with it pretty bad. For the first signs of it, vomitting, I had him confined at a Pet Clinic. They had him undergo blood tests. Hiro's Parvo vaccine shot was not yet complete, although I plan to have that rectified ASAP, so he got hit with the virus so bad. For three days, his situation deteriorated. On the last day, he pooped a funky-smelling, bloody poop. I cried so hard and planned on how to give him a proper burial. But luckily he recovered. As if nothing ever happened. He's back to his bubbly self, and I dote on him more now. I just want to share that I opted not have Hiro confined in a Clinic for the whole duration of his sickness, because I felt like I can look after him better at home. With Petdelyte, Immunosin and his daily vitamin maintenance, and of course with tender loving care, he survived. Thanks so much.

    1. I'm glad Hiro's alive. You must have stuck with Hiro through thick and thin. If there's any consolation in experiencing such hell, it's that we learn how to prioritize our dog's needs like vaccinations. It's sad that many owners would spend so much to buy an expensive breed to skimp on vaccination costs. They would be lucky if their dogs grew old without sickness, but like your Hiro and our PJ, this was not the case. Maswerte tayo dahil nabuhay sila.

      Never again will I skip the first year of vaccinations--kahit askal pa aso ko. :)

  2. Goodafternoon.
    Whoever is out there who can answer my queries asap, please please please do answer..
    My female aspin has given birth to a pup.. The pup is male and he is now almost 6weeks old.. I really don't know when is the right time to give him vaccination shots.. Or when to deworm him.. He already started eating grains of rice.. He is still breastfeeding from his mum. From time to time he vomits this foamy white thing and I don't know if that's normal or what.. I really have no idea how to deal with a puppy this young.. I am very scared that he will get the Parvo virus. Please help me!!!
    The lil' pup's name is Pandee and his mum is Eris. I will be waiting for replies.

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