The Shih Tzus

NOTE: My Shih Tzus are not up for adoption. We are not a pet adoption agency/organization. Furthermore, this blog is not affiliated to any adoption site or agency.

This is Chooey. She's the adorable puppy shield.
Name: Chooey

Birthday: March Sumthin 2012

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Breed: Shih Tzu

Current Occupation: Tail Wagger, Toy Squeaker, Puppy Standing On Hind Legs Outside the Window, Greeter of all Species

Find out more about Chooey by clicking on this link: Chooey's Life.

Buchi and Chooey are two different Shih Tzus.

This is Buchi. He has the biggest and prettiest eyes ever!

NAME: Buchi (March 1, 2009 - October 2014)

BREED: Shih-Tzu

CURRENT OCCUPATION: Guard dog on the 3rd Floor, Rin's diehard suitor, Barker of all that isn't part of the family.

Find out more about Buchi by clicking on this link. Buchi's Life

The links below are my first posts made about Buchi. I hope my articles entertain those who visit this blog. Here's a list of the adventures and silly mishaps he and I had in his first year.